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Episode 9: Winterhaven to Thunderspire via Fallcrest
Shadows of the Past

Through an unusually stormy few days in Spring, following the feast celebrating the sealing of the rift, our heroes seemed somewhat out of sorts, perhaps owing to the interference of the mysterious Physician.

Eventually they set out with a new member of the company, Durak the smith’s son. Mordan and Felix felt head and shoulders above the other adventurers but a little deficient in the beard department.

A day out from Winterhaven fallen trees blocked the road and emerging from beneath a pile of soggy bushes came the electrified form of a ferocious Stormrage Shambler. Grim’s strikes were truly brutal but he still went down – twice before Mordan deal the killing blow on the wandering pile of living rotting vegetation. Felix arriving in the nick of time with that Flaming Sphere was a help too.

In Fallcrest the gang learned more about their past, and perhaps the future. They found the best ale in town and decided to eat elsewhere. A good bit of trading and spending went on and Felix ordered a ritual scroll. Is Grim a twin? Who is Thoran? Is Marla safe in Hammerfast? Will Gronek find his destiny?

Thunderspire being on the way they called in on the Seven Pillared Hall but were sidetracked to rescue Rendil. This proved fairly straightforward as Mordan always seems to fall on his feet and Felix didn’t mind frying the hobbit. Durak finished the threat from the Warcaster with a very effective Vampiric Embrace and earned everyone free food and board at the Halfmoon Inn.

Noone actually believed Gronek had suddenly become quite so effective with his new craghammer. Perhaps he had a twin too?

Episode 10: Mission To The Horned Hold
We Love Duergar

Having rescued Rendil Halfmoon and secured free food and board (for a limited period) at the Halfmoon Inn in the Seven Pillared Hall of Thunderspire, our intrepid team chose to ignore the threat of the Bloodreavers hobgoblins. Instead they wandered the Hall and came across Gendar’s Curios and Relics with the enigmatic drow with an eyepatch asking them to recover an ancient skull sceptre that was stolen from his agents by duergar whilst they were exploring the labyrinth near the Cisterns.

Our team wasted no time and, following Gendar’s directions made their way to the Horned Hold – Fortress of the duergar. For some reason storming the fortress seemed like a good idea.

The assault on the strongly guarded and portcullised entrance went reasonably well. Grim played snatch the spear whilst Durak tauted from a distance and caught several crossbow bolts in the chest. Mordan danced around while Gronek tried to work his crossbow and Felix set fire to anything green that moved. Eventually, two of the Orc Berserkers having fled, Mordan unlocked the battered portcullis and they were in!

Gronek found the armoury and decided to carry most of it with him just in case. Next the empty barracks. Then they heard the sound of hammering from down the corridor and Durak felt at home again. Entering, they found the survivors from the gatehouse and lots of their duergar masters unveiling substantial powers all over the team, particularly the dwarfs.

After a fierce battle, during which Grim was momentarily knocked out, our gang triumphed, Felix’s attacks being more effective when she switched from fire to ice. Gronek found the skull sceptre but they could not resist exploring just a little further…

Along the corridor, the duergar of the Southern fortress seemed ready, especially after Durak knocked on the door with several Eldrich Blasts. Mordan got pinned by 3 duergar but escaped roguishly and made for the exit. It soon became apparent that further progress would be extremely tough and an ordered retreat was attempted. Unfortunately Gronek was cut off and the double doors slammed leaving the warlord alone and flanked by four duergar. The mighty dwarf took a terrible battering and went down, all but dead. It was Grim who came to the rescue, dragging his friend from the melee and fortunately the duergar did not pursue.

Episode 11: The Chamber of Eyes
Gronek the Great

It was good to welcome a new member of the team who looked and acted like Gronek but rolled in double figures and killed monsters with a single mighty blow. Someone surely switched the dice somewhere along the line.

Waking up the following morning for a nice breakfast in the Halfmoon Inn, our team set to work making more enemies. A quick shopping jaunt around the hall saw the collection of a handy climbers kit and near death at the hands of riled duergar traders. Having attacked their fortress, why did it seem such a good idea to go shopping in their supermarket? Fortunately no-one was seriously hurt and they soon made friends with Mordan who had not run away but was actually keeping a watch for Brugg the Enforcer.

The visit to Gendar to claim a reward somehow ended up costing 100gp but did give the gang a map to the fabled Court of Bones and the rights to whatever treasure lays within. Then a quick chat with Rendil uncovered a route the Bloodreaver hobgoblin lair, a desolate part of the labyrinth known as The Chamber of Eyes.

The gang made immediate effective use of the climbers kit and even Felix managed to get onto the balcony with a bit of help. Caution and stealth led to the rapid slaying of the bugbear brute and the goblin skullcleavers. After a quick bath our team then surprised the card players in the refectory and made short work of the hobgoblins, only to find 2 goblins had vanished and they weren’t hiding in the barrels. Durak kindly collected the gold.

Gronek and Grim bravely opened the beholder doors to face a veritable fusillade of arrows, most of which hit Gronek. The battle was decided by smart work from Felix whose spells stopped and pinned the key hobgoblin enemies whilst Grim, Gronek and Durak took out the dire wolf. Mordan dashed upstairs and tore apart the archers before nimbly somersaulting back down.

There was a brief tremor of fear when two duergar arrived at the back and tried to take down Durak and Felix but Gronek slammed the door on them (where did he get that idea?) and they were soon dispatched.

Afterwards: A locked chest was found in Krand’s room (8) but Mordan had the key which was on the body of the warchief. Inside was a +2 dwarf sized suit of delver’s chainmail, one potion of healing, 450gp, 500sp and five fire agate gems worth 100gp each! There was also a letter – a contract signed by Murkelmor Grimmerzhul, agreeing to buy “the Riverdown slaves and that scrawny dwarf drummer boy” for 1000gp. It was dated four days ago. You returned to the Halfmoon Inn safely and had a very happy feast and a good nights sleep.

Extract from the Historium Nentirium by Thang Wibblequill
Kings of the Duergar Fortress

And so it is told that in those days five great heroes came to the Halls of Thunderspire but one fell to the Thunderpox and spent many days recovering. The four made many daring exploits, a fraction of which I can record here…

Who were the four you ask, if you have never heard of them you have led a sheltered life indeed. First the dwarfs – gruff and miserly Gronek the Warlord and tough weaponmaster Grim. Then came inscrutable rogue Mordan and frosty ice maiden Felix.

They started that fine day with breakfast at the Halfmoon Inn, Gronek demolishing a record 17 sausages with his morning ale. Then they encountered Vadrian the Mad, some say Vadrian the Genius. He gave them maps and mysteries to solve. Impulsive Felix then decided to take the fight to Grimmerzhul Trading Post by getting Brugg to look the other way with a little bribe. Sadly the duegar already had Brugg on the payroll and Felix fled Rothgar’s Taproom with a flea in her frosty ear. Mordan coolly finished his drink.

Spotting a delivery to Deepgem the gang went looking for extra weapons but turned down the fabled Stag Helm (later worn by Eldamaclem The Mighty during the fabled Doomsphere Campaign). Eventually they were ready for adventure and chose to head for the Horned Hold where prisoners, including Grim’s brother, were apparently being held by duergar.

The assault was daring and tactically brilliant – to begin with. The orc guards were slack and slaughtered before they could raise the alarm. Then human slaves were able to aid the adventurers in exchange for rescue. During the battle of the Great Hall, Rundarr the Duergar Champion was killed by Felix but two scouts escaped by using their invisibility. This was to result in many problems for our heroes later.

Bravely traversing the South Bridge the gang were severely tested by a hail of bolts from the magical mechanical arbalesters. Then the Theurge began to launch Brimstone Hail and Vile Fumes from the North Bridge and all seemed lost. Even the mighty Grim could not break through the barred door. But Felix managed to send an obscuring poison cloud into the guard room.

Thinking they had the upper hand several duergar crossed the north bridge intending to circle behind the adventurers and flank them. Then the arbalesters became over confident and looking to finish off their work unbarred the door. One strode out of the blinding cloud onto the bridge for a clear shot and with a dazzling display of weapon and footwork Mordan tipped the dread machine over the rails to plummet to destruction. Then the four took the guard room and began to secure the doors, hoping to make the fortress their own.

Episode 13: Durak to the Rescue!
Warlock's Wrescue

Determined not to let his comrades down, Durak was raised from his sickbed by the smell of Erra’s spicy bacon and bean breakfast curry and, getting kitted up and hearing from Rendil which way they set off, he decided to follow alone to the Horned Hold. Foolhardy? Most would say fearless and faithful in friendship…

Meanwhile, as Felix kept watch, invisible duergar suddenly hammered broad planks over the door shutters to prevent ranged attacks. It sent the adventurers into something of a panic. They hurriedly explored the immediate area. Durak was on his way over the north bridge, soon to be followed by the invisible duergar scouts who planned to flank the invaders. He had quite a problem with the locked doors but the knowledge that his friends would be pleased to see him drove him forward.

Grim and Mordan dealt with the ogre and orcs as Felix and Gronek discussed tactics in a mild tizzy and with impending desperation. The tactical solution was to spike closed anything that opened. They really didn’t know Durak was holding off two guards, two scouts and a duergar theurge by himself just on the other side.

Durak managed to call for aid before slumping unconscious against the sealed portal. Felix bravely stepped forward and, although blinded by the theurge’s poison cloud, trusted Ioun to guide her hand. She dragged the Warlock to safety and slammed the door. Nothing could get through now…

Moments later the duergar battered the door open and Gronek single handedly held the line. He then charged the theurge and hit the invisible scout. Thus began the party tradition of being more effective when unable to see what they were hitting.

Only one orc escaped to alert Murkelmor and Grim was soon battering his own invisible duergar. What seemed like an impossible battle stretched the heroes to the limit but they came through with smiles and energy to spare.

A little gold and a handful of gems did not seem much for the effort but the true goal was the rescue. Surely they would press on? Of course they would. Suspicious gargoyles faced them in Murkelmor’s chamber and powerful expanding duergar discovered you can’t pin Mordan in. Instead Murkelmor thought the rogue would be better fried on the fire. Hot and bothered, Mordan went down. Grim and Gronek were undaunted and dispatched the duergar once again with the occasional ranged hit from Durak and Felix. Murkelmor fled into the fireplace and disappeared. All seemed good – time for a rest?

Felix opened another can of worms… But she did find the slaves.

Episode 14: Heroes of the Horned Hold
Last Legs?

All seemed bleak as the depleted group faced spined devils, Framarth the Theurge, Murkelmor, Duergar Guards and whatever else might be lurking. Felix threw her weight against the doors and held firm while the team reorganised. She also gave of her life spirit to Mordan using the Belt of Sacrifice – a move that could have saved the day. Grim took his place beside her as everyone made over to the South Gate room. Slamming the doors they frantically tried to agree a plan. Felix blocked the door with a bed, even though it opened outwards.

It was Durak who saved the day. Checking the huge iron fortress door he heard the ranting of mad dwarf and would-be-king Thain Cardanas beyond. They let Thain in and negotiated the sale of the fortress, leaving him to establish dominion with the aid of his rabble of berserkers. Ten minutes later, a little refreshed the team took up their responsibilities to the slave and went back in.

Thain’s team had been wiped out, mainly by the spined devils. But Murkelmor’s duergar were weakened. Gronek went east, spiking doors to watch their backs. Meanwhile Framarth and Murkelmor sneaked up behind the others. Mordan, on the edge of extinction, danced in and out of the battle. Felix blasted the head from the Theurge as well as bringing down the spined devils. Gronek waded in, the craghammer connecting more often than not. Grim dispatched a guard and Durak another before Mordan took his life in his hands to deliver the killing blow on the chief of the Horned Hold duergar.

The captives were released. Grim played a joke on Splug, swinging his maul close to the goblin’s head before landing it on the chains. Felix took responsibility for his old friend. Grim took Murkelmor’s magic maul and Felix grabbed a new amulet. Unfortunately two human captives and Thoran – Grim’s twin – were missing, apparently taken by gnolls. Returning the captives safely to the Seven Pillared Hall, they were once again welcomed as heroes to the Half Moon Inn for a good feed up and rest.

The next day a mysterious letter was delivered… “Your actions against the duergar are commendable. I am in a position of power in the evil organisation behind the duergar’s actions, and I wish to help you defeat my comrades. I have been seeking a way out of the organisation, and I believe you can help me. Follow the attached map so that we can meet in secret.”

The gang went to investigate and Gronek got caught between a rock and a hard place as Felix proved a hesitant climber and Durak a veritable spider-dwarf. Tieflings and a Bronze Warder could have caused havoc but Bigby’s Icy Grasp did its job superbly and prevented the warder from being the threat it could have been. Grim finished both of the tieflings and Gronek undoubtedly craghammered the Warder into oblivion.

Two more letters and a map were found… “I don’t care how you do it, but deal with these adventurers. Take one of the bronze warders if you must. If they remain in the Labyrinth, they could disrupt my plans. Once you’ve dealt with them, deliver their bodies to our gnoll friends, along with the enclosed scroll.


“To Maldrick Scarmaker, Exalted Chieftain of the Blackfangs and Chosen of Yeenogu:

Paldemar offers you the corpses of these champions as a gift of ongoing friendship, that our arrangement might continue to be mutually beneficial. May you savour their blood.

Your friend and ally, Paldemar”

The map gave directions to the Well of Demons, which is circled and marked with the word “Blackfangs.” Returning once again to the Hall (with the remains of the Bronze Warder!), the team of five found out that Paldemar is a member of the Mages of Saruun. He has been missing and out of contact with the Mages for many weeks. What you discovered about Yeenoghu: Yeenoghu has many names and each name reflects another fact of his cruel, savage nature. Most know him as the Demon Prince of Gnolls, but among the gnolls he is called The Destroyer, and in certain circles The Beast of Butchery or the Ruler of Ruin. He is a vehicle of destruction and was once a primordial, one of the shapers of creation, but was transformed and awakened by the mysterious Chained God, believed to lurk at the bottom of the Abyss. Yeenoghu hungers for carnage but also craves power. He goads his mortal servants into performing appalling acts of evil in his name, showing no mercy.

The next day being Freeday (day of rest) 28th Readying (Spring), the shops were closed and you rested up except for a stroll around the hall during which you read this notice on the closed Grimmerzhul duergar Trading Post. “Closed until further notice owing to a bereavement.”

Tomorrow is Starday 1st of Coldeven – a good day to assault the Well of Demons? Thoran is in grave danger…

15. Well of Demons

Having relaxed briefly in the Seven Pillared Hall Grim decided to approach the Mages to find out more about Paldamar. Durak was key in the negotiations with Orontor who eventually promised 750GP and a level 8 magic item for evidence of a thorough, quick and conclusive investigation.

Following the map found on the ambushing teiflings, the team made their way to The Well of Demons – supposedly home to the Blackfang gnolls and possibly the location of 3 desperate captives – including Thoran; Grim’s twin.

The descending dark approach to the Well of Demons was haunted with feelings of unease and looming dark presence. Coming into the Chamber of the Well was a shock as sudden attacks came from all angles. The terrifying land squid phalagar through multiple tentacles up through the cracked floor whist cavern chokers extended elastic arms from the ceiling to grab and strangle victims below. A lurking ghoul also tried to finish off the waylaid Mordan. Felix was being strangled when Gronek missed her with the craghammer. Eventually the team broke free and Grim finished off the phalagar as Mordan got the ghoul. The chokers, seeing the game was up, fled into ceiling cracks.

Moving east to the Gnoll Barracks, they made short work of gnolls and hyenas and managed to stop the escape of the huntmaster. Grim picked up a pile of 42Gp of coins and Durak found 76GP and a topaz worth 150GP.

Onwards to the Practice Hall where Grim became a pincushion for a brief time. Good tactics, fire on hay bails and blinding barrage saw the battle won comfortably.

Next came the Shrine to Baphomet with the Gnoll Demonic Scourge who summoned a Barlgura demon for assistance. The insidious haunting presence of the Well of Demons was evidenced when Gronek was momentarily possessed by the restless spirit of a minotaur priest. He managed to shake it off but not before he had connected his most effective attack ever – craghammering Grim to near death. But it was the stout Grim who eventually finished off the demon, striking from the ground having just recovered!

The tiefling brothers Azkelak and Katal then revealed themselves but received a frosty reception from ice maiden Felix. Katal was killed but Azkelak used teleportation and lurking invisibility to escape. In the Shrine, an altar of bones topped with black candles was lectern for a small book bound in black leather: The Book of Wrath Unveiled, a treatise on the cult of Baphomet.

Treasure found in the scourge’s chamber: • Shadowfell gloves (PHB247) • A gold necklace inlaid with diamonds and rubies (worth 400GP) • A jade bracelet (worth 100GP) • 62GP

Killing blows… (a possibly inaccurate list) Gronek: 2 hyenas (how could you?), 1 huntmaster gnoll, Grim (almost) Grim: phalagar, 2 hyenas, gnoll huntmaster, gnoll demonic scourge, barlgura Felix: 2 hyenas, gnoll huntmaster Durak: hyena, gnoll huntmaster Mordan: ghoul, gnoll huntmaster, 2 gnoll marauders

You returned to The Halfmoon Inn mid afternoon on Starday 1st Coldeven. Gronek came across a previously overlooked notice behind the bar of the Inn: “A few days ago, one of my mining teams were attacked and my dear pet, mount and beast of burden, dire boar Wug was taken. I believe gnolls were responsible. There is a gemstone reward for the safe return of Wug. See Ulthand Deepgem.”

The rest time for all of you was full of nightmarish dreams full of demons and dark undead sorcery. On waking you found The Book of Wrath Unveiled had vanished.

16. Well of Demons Part 2

It was a quick turn around from the Halfmoon Inn and our heroes [hereafter known as The Flying Circus] returned quickly to the Well of Demons in search of Grim’s twin and questing to bring the rebel mage Palamar to justice.

They rapidly reclaimed the Book of Wrath Unveiled from the Shrine to Baphomet with just a little interference from a guarding Barlgura. Next came the meeting with the spirits of the restless dead Valdrog the Brute, Sir Terris and Mendara the Mystic. Although the discussion did not go well at times, Gronek impressed and was rewarded with vital information about his shady family history. The team also learned about the Proving Grounds, a testing place for worshippers of Baphomet. They discovered that they needed to collect knife, mask, bell and book and place them on magical runes at the exact same time.

Mordan led the exploration and also uncovered the first treasure – a hidden stash of gold and gems. It was also Mordan who first braved to look beyond the curtain into the many mirrored Hall of Enforced Introspection. Some say this is where the team earned the “Circus” part of their now famous name. Durak was captured by a trapping mirror and teleported to the Oubliette of the Empty Mind where an angry, hungry and crazed gnoll leapt to attack. Draining Mirrors tempted glances and sucked life from others before Grim joined Durak in the trap. Apart from Felix no one really went into this with their eyes open. Nevertheless splintering Boneshards failed to daunt Gronek, Mordan and Felix. It was Gronek who braved the minotaur hand imprint to win the black wooden mask The Face of Baphomet and to set his fellow dwarfs free.

Onwards to the Hall of the Crimson Whip and once again it was Mordan who led the way, bravely attempting to climb to the blade and hilt before sliding into poisonous blood pools to be attacked by carnage demons as he risked the flailing whip of the Bloodtaker Statues. He then made a brave and successful attempt to disable a statue taking heavy damage as others cowered beyond the doorway.

Felix blasted the other Bloodtaker having always been brave at a distance of 100 feet. Then Durak risked all in a Spider Scuttle to the goal, with no knowing how he might get back. That was almost the end for the brave dwarf as he was waylaid on all sides by carnage demons and barely escaped through blood but he had the blade!

Grim and Gronek had had enough by now. Revealing hitherto unknown athletic prowess Grim leapt from platform to platform to claim the hilt even though regenerated demons also dogged his steps. Gronek was no slouch either, also making momentous leaps to back up his friend with a volley of bolts. Together The Flying Circus had claimed The Bloodhorn Blade!

Killing blows… (a possibly inaccurate list) Gronek: Boneshard Skeleton Grim: Barlgura, Gnoll Marauder, Carnage Demon Felix: Minotaur Bloodtaker Statue Durak: Minotaur Bloodtaker Statue ½ Mordan: Carnage Demon, Boneshard Skeleton, Minotaur Bloodtaker Statue ½

Thoran’s Doom…
Death of a twin

Venturing onwards the Flying Circus came to the Hall of Howling Pillars in search of the Bell of Fury’s Calling. The pillars grabbed, bit, spewed acid and force gazed but Mordan danced a path to the altar and stole the bell awakening the demon defenders. The withdrawal was a little more complex but they now had all four items and were ready to penetrate the door to the inner sanctum…

Opening all the doors so they could each stand at a runic circle with an artefact, the gang prepared to place the objects and, unknown to them, raise the guardians of The Proving Grounds. Grim saw the Doom Sphere begin its relentless circuit on the inner track and then fled onto that track in response to the terrifying magical screams of the Roaring Terror Idols. In the pool room Felix was assaulted by the Elemental Vortex but she kept total perspective and comfortably escaped. Durak and Gronek were safe as the Flying Circus had prepared by casting all the bones into the Guardian’s pit and Mordan moved so quickly that the deadly Crossbow Turret traps never got a sight of him. Rounding a corner however, Mordan came face to face with Vargachoth – a young green dragon cursed to guard the proving grounds whenever summoned.

Having avoided three of the runic circle room traps the battle with Vargachoth was easier than it should have been, particularly with poison resistance. The dragon also made the mistake of landing to attack and was then kept on the ground because of being slowed by Felix. The damage was done and although the wyrm took briefly to the air again, Durak brought him down – Durak Dragonslayer!

The risky operation of severing the head then took place…

When the door to the Inner Sanctum eventually opened wide, only Grim and Mordan braved the thick grey mist and came upon Maldrick Scarmaker in the middle of a deadly ritual, supported by a Bonecrusher Minotaur Skeleton, a Bargura and three more Carnage Demons. Two human prisoners and Thoran were in the sacrificial circle and early on, when one of them disintegrated in a shaft of demonic light, Felix realised they had no time to back out. Gronek and Durak were also in the battle by now. Grim had been knocked down by the Bonecrusher and manoeuvring in the cramped entrance was difficult – especially with the Bargura and Bonecrusher having the reach to swat people from well back.

Maldrick used his Infernal Moon Curse to dangle Mordan in the air for a while but then it was Mordan with Blinding Barrage and Bait & Switch together with Felix and her Flaming Sphere who really broke through to the Gnoll Demonic Scourge. However, a second human prisoner had just gone up in infernal fire and Thoran was looking anxious.

Getting through to the chief drew Mordan to the attention of the Barlgura who slammed him unconscious. Being out of surges it looked as though the rogue was out of this one. Then the Carnage Demons fell and a gap opened up. In just one more round they would kill Maldrick and turn the battle around.

Then the unthinkable happened. Maldrick completed the ritual with his dying breath and Grim let out a tortured scream as his twin vanished in hellish arcane fire. Grim had his revenge immediately but with the ritual complete an no Maldrick to control and direct the energies released the place began to tremble and heat up. Grim managed to drag out and loot Maldrick’s body (+2 Elven Cloak and magical silver key) but as the party fled, the earth broke apart down there and volcanic lava flooded the Well of Demons. From the sound of it, whatever the ritual released is encased in molten rock – at least for now.

On the weary, gloomy march back to the Seven Pillared Hall, The Flying Circus were forced into hiding as a platoon of thirty duergar soldiers trooped by, obviously on their way to reclaim the Horned Hold…

Killing blows… (a possibly inaccurate list) Gronek: Carnage Demon Grim: 3 Carnage Demons, Gnoll Demonic Scourge – Maldrick Scarmaker Felix: 2 Carnage Demons Durak: Large Green Dragon Mordan: Carnage Demon, Bonecrusher Minotaur Skeleton


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