Episode 18: The Tower of Mysteries

Finding Paldamar

Torn apart by grief, frustration and despair at losing his twin, Grim locked himself in his room at the Halfmoon Inn and refused to come out. Felix, feeling the pull of the magical silver key thought they could find Paldamar and take some revenge and so after restocking with minor consumables The Flying Circus -1 walked the short route to the dark corridor near the Seven Pillared Hall where the key led.

Mordan had managed to persuade, with a very generous offer, a burly fighter called Armand to join them on this foray but the battle scarred hireling was no help during the first encounter – Vecna’s Challenge. The key flew from Felix’s hand into solid rock, forming its own keyhole and opening a secret door leading into a long passageway. At the end a 40’ square room held an arcane circle and as Mordan approached the circle flared with energy and a spectral figure clad in thick scarlet robes, missing its left hand and right eye, appeared to challenge the party. Gronek and Mordan spun tales of heroism, history, magic and faith to impress the arrogant spirit. They said enough to be allowed to used the teleportation circle – at a price of life essence.

Grim swung from his bed shaking the temper into action. Quickly asking Rendil for directions he made to catch up with the Flying Circus but was frustrated when coming to the locked secret door which still shone with a faint arcane aura. Pacing the corridor, he determined to wait, or one way or another, get through to aid his friends.

Teleporting to the first level of the Tower of Mysteries the team met the vicious, granite grey goblinoid Norkers and the gaunt bald horrifying Enigmas of Vecna. Even the fabric of the place sucked the very life from them and the dread Enigmas ripped memories from one character after another, greatly restricting their skills and abilities. Armand impressed and the team came through, one Norker Grunt so overwhelmed that he fled and died of a heart attack. Durak and Mordan found well hidden gems and the party moved to the next teleportation area.

Felix then magically disguised herself as an Enigma of Vecna and incredibly, throughout the whole of the forthcoming encounter, none of the enemies challenged her or recognised the deception. Sadly Durak was also convinced by the disguise but although the Warlock launched several Eldrich Blasts he did nothing but pepper the walls with arcane fire. All too soon the Bronze Warder creaked into action, only to be held back by Bigby’s Icy Grasp. Something invisible was flying around the area but only attacked once, attempting to sting Felix in Enigma form. After a trying battle Flying Circus were victorious but found nothing of value in the library. Durak decided to trash the laboratory and spent time destroying the large glass container filled with magical acid and the floating head of a Bronze Warder. This caused the brief appearance of Paldemar who promised Durak – “Oh, you shall die for this!”

Undaunted the team teleported upwards to the third level of the Tower of Mysteries and have so far encountered yet another Bronze Warder and a Norker Berserker.

Killing blows… (a possibly inaccurate list) Gronek: Norker, Enigma of Vecna Armand: Norker, Enigma of Vecna, Grunt, Bronze Warder Felix: 2 Norkers, 5 Grunts Durak: Norker Mordan: 2 Norkers, 2 Enigmas of Vecna, Grunt



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