16. Well of Demons Part 2

It was a quick turn around from the Halfmoon Inn and our heroes [hereafter known as The Flying Circus] returned quickly to the Well of Demons in search of Grim’s twin and questing to bring the rebel mage Palamar to justice.

They rapidly reclaimed the Book of Wrath Unveiled from the Shrine to Baphomet with just a little interference from a guarding Barlgura. Next came the meeting with the spirits of the restless dead Valdrog the Brute, Sir Terris and Mendara the Mystic. Although the discussion did not go well at times, Gronek impressed and was rewarded with vital information about his shady family history. The team also learned about the Proving Grounds, a testing place for worshippers of Baphomet. They discovered that they needed to collect knife, mask, bell and book and place them on magical runes at the exact same time.

Mordan led the exploration and also uncovered the first treasure – a hidden stash of gold and gems. It was also Mordan who first braved to look beyond the curtain into the many mirrored Hall of Enforced Introspection. Some say this is where the team earned the “Circus” part of their now famous name. Durak was captured by a trapping mirror and teleported to the Oubliette of the Empty Mind where an angry, hungry and crazed gnoll leapt to attack. Draining Mirrors tempted glances and sucked life from others before Grim joined Durak in the trap. Apart from Felix no one really went into this with their eyes open. Nevertheless splintering Boneshards failed to daunt Gronek, Mordan and Felix. It was Gronek who braved the minotaur hand imprint to win the black wooden mask The Face of Baphomet and to set his fellow dwarfs free.

Onwards to the Hall of the Crimson Whip and once again it was Mordan who led the way, bravely attempting to climb to the blade and hilt before sliding into poisonous blood pools to be attacked by carnage demons as he risked the flailing whip of the Bloodtaker Statues. He then made a brave and successful attempt to disable a statue taking heavy damage as others cowered beyond the doorway.

Felix blasted the other Bloodtaker having always been brave at a distance of 100 feet. Then Durak risked all in a Spider Scuttle to the goal, with no knowing how he might get back. That was almost the end for the brave dwarf as he was waylaid on all sides by carnage demons and barely escaped through blood but he had the blade!

Grim and Gronek had had enough by now. Revealing hitherto unknown athletic prowess Grim leapt from platform to platform to claim the hilt even though regenerated demons also dogged his steps. Gronek was no slouch either, also making momentous leaps to back up his friend with a volley of bolts. Together The Flying Circus had claimed The Bloodhorn Blade!

Killing blows… (a possibly inaccurate list) Gronek: Boneshard Skeleton Grim: Barlgura, Gnoll Marauder, Carnage Demon Felix: Minotaur Bloodtaker Statue Durak: Minotaur Bloodtaker Statue ½ Mordan: Carnage Demon, Boneshard Skeleton, Minotaur Bloodtaker Statue ½



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