15. Well of Demons

Having relaxed briefly in the Seven Pillared Hall Grim decided to approach the Mages to find out more about Paldamar. Durak was key in the negotiations with Orontor who eventually promised 750GP and a level 8 magic item for evidence of a thorough, quick and conclusive investigation.

Following the map found on the ambushing teiflings, the team made their way to The Well of Demons – supposedly home to the Blackfang gnolls and possibly the location of 3 desperate captives – including Thoran; Grim’s twin.

The descending dark approach to the Well of Demons was haunted with feelings of unease and looming dark presence. Coming into the Chamber of the Well was a shock as sudden attacks came from all angles. The terrifying land squid phalagar through multiple tentacles up through the cracked floor whist cavern chokers extended elastic arms from the ceiling to grab and strangle victims below. A lurking ghoul also tried to finish off the waylaid Mordan. Felix was being strangled when Gronek missed her with the craghammer. Eventually the team broke free and Grim finished off the phalagar as Mordan got the ghoul. The chokers, seeing the game was up, fled into ceiling cracks.

Moving east to the Gnoll Barracks, they made short work of gnolls and hyenas and managed to stop the escape of the huntmaster. Grim picked up a pile of 42Gp of coins and Durak found 76GP and a topaz worth 150GP.

Onwards to the Practice Hall where Grim became a pincushion for a brief time. Good tactics, fire on hay bails and blinding barrage saw the battle won comfortably.

Next came the Shrine to Baphomet with the Gnoll Demonic Scourge who summoned a Barlgura demon for assistance. The insidious haunting presence of the Well of Demons was evidenced when Gronek was momentarily possessed by the restless spirit of a minotaur priest. He managed to shake it off but not before he had connected his most effective attack ever – craghammering Grim to near death. But it was the stout Grim who eventually finished off the demon, striking from the ground having just recovered!

The tiefling brothers Azkelak and Katal then revealed themselves but received a frosty reception from ice maiden Felix. Katal was killed but Azkelak used teleportation and lurking invisibility to escape. In the Shrine, an altar of bones topped with black candles was lectern for a small book bound in black leather: The Book of Wrath Unveiled, a treatise on the cult of Baphomet.

Treasure found in the scourge’s chamber: • Shadowfell gloves (PHB247) • A gold necklace inlaid with diamonds and rubies (worth 400GP) • A jade bracelet (worth 100GP) • 62GP

Killing blows… (a possibly inaccurate list) Gronek: 2 hyenas (how could you?), 1 huntmaster gnoll, Grim (almost) Grim: phalagar, 2 hyenas, gnoll huntmaster, gnoll demonic scourge, barlgura Felix: 2 hyenas, gnoll huntmaster Durak: hyena, gnoll huntmaster Mordan: ghoul, gnoll huntmaster, 2 gnoll marauders

You returned to The Halfmoon Inn mid afternoon on Starday 1st Coldeven. Gronek came across a previously overlooked notice behind the bar of the Inn: “A few days ago, one of my mining teams were attacked and my dear pet, mount and beast of burden, dire boar Wug was taken. I believe gnolls were responsible. There is a gemstone reward for the safe return of Wug. See Ulthand Deepgem.”

The rest time for all of you was full of nightmarish dreams full of demons and dark undead sorcery. On waking you found The Book of Wrath Unveiled had vanished.



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