The characters met as a motley bunch in the small town of Fallcrest where they met up with Douven Staul an aging explorer running a training centre for those hoping to go on the adventure trail. He proved to be an excellent mentor and advisor and the 4 week course was rigorous and fruitful. The graduation challenge was to sneak into the cellar of The Physician and steal a particular book known as the Trilibrium. Douven would then make a copy and you were to return it the same night. They didn’t get the book. They woke in thier beds in the hostel with aching bones and blanked memories. Douven was gone. He left a note but his wife wass desperately worried. The team remembered fragments of the 4 week training but nothing before that and nothing from entering the Physician’s home to awaking back in Douven’s training hostel. At the request of Douven’s wife they made for Winterhaven to find Douven and to attempt to rediscover their lost pasts. “In order to fulfil your destiny, you must rediscover your roots.”